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Has my life now come full circle
How am I to even know
Like the wind of no destination
I go just with the daily flow

I blow from place to place
Just like the autumn leaves
Lost within my very self
Still trying hard to always please


Mind screaming out in dreams
Heart not liking where dreams go
Like the wind of no destination
I go just with the daily flow...

No one knows of tomorrow
We did not know of yesterday
We simply did our very best
And it has gone on its way...


Make plans for the tomorrows
Goals one wants to achieve
How does one do that truly
When just trying to believe

Mind says...I thought you were strong
Heart says...What about the king
I step back, sigh, wipe tears...
Hearing softly angels sing....


Determination grabs hold of me
Says, wake up and smell the roses
Don't give up...get up..go on
Life is not made up of 'supposes'

It takes a lot of guts you know
To handle what life might bring
But when you do, you smile through
And what a cheerful song you sing

the wind of no destination just blows.....


penned by Mary Anne ^j^
God's Little Whispers
@July 2009

doc dyer
'the wind of no destination'

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By Mary Anne

© 2009 Mary Anne (All rights reserved)


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