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Always Remains
Thinking of you everyday as I do, cannot help myself for loving someone as
I do you.

For so long oh I prayed would you see me as me although a distance away
closer it became.

Never were these intentions to judge past or present goings or stays,
just wanted to be near.

But sometimes schedules and other matters take front and center
I always appreciated time spent.

Did you ever believe words and emotions I tried to verbally
convey holding my pillow?

Did you ever miss me as I so terribly missed you
hoping this could remain private?

As today moves tomorrow, remember please, you move
me even now knowing some how some where you read
this feeling my heart beating in sorrow.

Smile for me my darling love
as so often you told me....

By Picck1

© 2009 Picck1 (All rights reserved)


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