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Forever missing you

Across the blazing sunset I hear you softly say my name
If only I could hold back the hands of time just for a moment
The water begins to beautifully shimmer in the sunlight
As my memories takes me back to you and I
I feel along lifes path I have journied so far
As I try and pick up the pieces of my broken heart
I watch the tides of time softly ebb and flow to the shores
Shimmering upon the sandy beach washing up seashells

If only we could watch another sunset together
To gaze at the stars that shine so brightly each night
To hold you one more time in my arms
Feeling your soothing and comforting heartbeat so close to mine
I will become stronger I know with each day
With broken wings I will fly just to be with you again today
I still can see your warm smile, the sound of your laughter
Every day I find myself forever missing you

Written for Broken Love challenge- With broken wings I will fly

By Starlight1

© 2009 Starlight1 (All rights reserved)


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