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Carma Will Find You

An old broken down blues singer from the
streets of New York city. Presents a rather
gauche demeanor lacking the common
touch. He lives his life in a pathological
drain, accompanied by the torture of pain.
He feels no remorse for his wrongs, no
understanding, no cares, lives his life

Loveless nights, lonely roads, hardships
and heartache follow him on an endless
path. Bodily pain chokes him, depression
owns him, crippled by his inner self, brought
on by his own greed, his longing for lust,
his dark side exposed, his abusive behaviour,
his lack of love for his Saviour.

Projecting negative energy into the universe,
bouncing back to encompass him, squeezing
him, beating him, killing him, owning him.
Carma finds him, thou will be done.

Written by: Melvina Germain
Date: July 11/2009

By eboneee

© 2009 eboneee (All rights reserved)


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