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and so it is


a needle to the bladder
all the suffering comes to the surface
with a clever “ouch!”
i whimper

ailment overlapping illness
overriding sanity
overextending my heart, stabbed
by the male species


life goes easy on those in forest hills
my dirt road gave me skinned knees
the men along the way
all wanted to have their way
take my purity
then throw me away

to the sharks


a promise of love
bon appetite
he devoured
described his grandiose plans
said his pretentious prayers
then made a meal
of a bright eyed girl

a splinter in the foot
a sliver from the chest
it was over, yet
my pain had just begun

water on adam & eve
liquid in my bladder, the 2nd time
hurting more than the 1st
i was left with my cold anguish



why is it
i never get the music intended for me?
just a sampling
a tease
a torment
i lament

only in my romantic death
will i receive devotion

devotion to a corpse
more ridiculous than poems
to a horse
of which i can pick a winning one, but
a winning man? there is none

no hero in my house
ghosts in my bed
images of them with someone else
giving head

my lily
in the valley
is flowerless
this marks the first year
my bleeding heart won’t bloom

what i wanted
what i lost
what i’ve survived
what i’ve witnessed
what i’ve mourned
comes at a convoluted cost

and so it is

the deceptive man says
“have faith”
before sucking every ounce of faith
out of you

the needle enters the same vein
a predictable bruise follows
my foot
one step closer
to my Parisian grave

© 2007 Colette

By Colette

© 2009 Colette (All rights reserved)


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