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This, His Promise
The storm had been ferocious
with the boom of thunder's might.
I was driving home at dusk
just when I spied this wondrous sight.

There, right on the horizon
a rainbow pure and clear
and wide, so wide,
it took up half my view, or so it would appear.

It didn't travel very high
and ended with a cloud
but combined with merging sunset,
made me 'Praise the Lord' out loud.

The sky just glowed with radiance,
every colour, every hue
then, as the sunset deepened,
edging in with midnight blue.

I remembered then the promise
that rainbows represent.
No flood to deluge earth again,
that is not our Lord's intent.

How will it come, this worldly end
by fire or nuclear blast?
Not ours to know the final hour
or how the die is cast.

But when we meet on that far shore
these visions will abound,
enhanced a million times or more
in sight, taste, touch, scent, sound.

So look upon the rainbow, friend
as a promise for the future....
following the end.

Dear Bonnie...
your word is...Rainbow

By cherryk

© 2018 cherryk (All rights reserved)


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