The Ritual


Glistening in the darkness of a solitary dream
Shines forth a ray of hopefulness
A radiant inspiring beam
From the depths of my self pity
To the heights of my disbelief
Intensifying, enlightening, my solitary dream

Shadows come too quickly
A pack of wolves that have the scent
Scratching, tugging, tearing at the depths of my descent
Do I raise a flag, surrender to this devastating fate?
Or do I pull myself together before its just too late?

I stand before the pyre, the funeral of my love
The ritualistic ending, the turn from bad to good
To destroy what makes me weakened
To ignite my inner flame
Gone now and forever
Only ashes that remain

As my sanity and dignity are finally restored
With strength I newly gained
I force closed the past times door
Hail, sleet and thunder
Lightning and rain
From the ashes of heartbreak
I will arise triumphant again

(From the ashes of heartbreak I will arise triumphant again)


© 2009 DANTE (All rights reserved)


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