Apocalypse Anyone?

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Is our earth a burning ember
Will the prophecy come true
Are the four horseman all riding
Does the apocalypse scare you?

We are losing so much wildlife
We will never see again
I imagine God is crying
Oh ! The stupidity of man

For he qave us verdant Edens
We did nothing but distroy
Now we want to leave our children
All of this to rectify?

Now there's war in many nations
There are storms on land and sea
As this tortured earth grows hotter
How much future can there be ?

For long ages throughout history
We have maimed the poor land
Never knowing.. never caring
Have we caused the death of man?

We have cut down all our forests
We have poisoned all our seas
Never looking to the future
We have done just as we please

Are we men or are we monsters
Can our egos be that grand
That we'd kill of all the beauty
In this world that God had planned?

Now, we have to find some answers
Get committed to some plan
Must we leave it to our children
To save this earth for man?

For the children are believers
They see what we're doing wrong
So if we're to go on living
We must let them sing their song

A child will bend down to plant a tree
Will pick up one piece of trash
When he takes something from the earth
He will know.. put something back

Yes the child is so much smarterr
He will find the ways to cope
From the bitter embers of our lives
He will rise.. earths only hope

By jollynoblefrog

© 2009 jollynoblefrog (All rights reserved)


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