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Locked within the grey tower walls
The spirit's desperate cries that call
From years ago, centuries of shadows cast
In the shivering chills
Amongst the belfry's bats

A Knight wanders through the corridors
His head in arm
Lost in war
A Lady dressed in blinding white
Haunts the manor gardens
Beneath shades of night

A child wanders through the corridors
Rag torn dress, feet cut and torn
Once the scorn of passing crowd's
Alas, now the soul cast out into shrouds

The tower stands from time long past
The historic wounds, neither heal, nor pass
Beneath velvet skies of glistening slate
The ghosts who watch to seal your fate

Look behind, the sound of creaks
As the floor trembles
Shakes beneath your feet
A cold hand that free's the spirit's tomb
As something watches in your room

Be brave dear heart, fear not the dead
The child, the lady, the knight, no head
Fear not the past, it's secrets deep
For they keep watch o'er your safety
As you sleep.

Anything Goes Challenge
Host ~ Cherry

' velvet sky (ies) glisten (s, ed, ing )' Follow The Dream ~ Host~ Bonnie~


© 2009 DANTE (All rights reserved)


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