the fingerprint of our friendship...

1001 kisses,I promise to you.

i'll carry your smile,safe in my heart
i'll hold your hand, when we walk
i'll cherish the time, when you and i were together
i'll listen intently,as you talk

so my days will be sunny and bright
if ever we will part...

we defied the excence of fingerprint
we were created the same, the lines
the same curves and gaps , the contours

this fingerprint is a mutation
of your unequal kindness and caring self
it miracolously copied and etched into mine
that if ever sorrow and pain arise
we'll shake them off and live merrily

for now there is no time for sadness
and no use for us to even let worry
let 'em pass through our joyful admiration

our selfless desires for happiness
is worthy of heaven's grace
it's enlightening, assisting our thoughts
to define our purpose to understand deeper
its meaning by our words and actions

with our God as our constant companion
He'll divert us to the slightest temptation
we will turn our backs to whatever threat
that will deprive us to reach the plateau
charted by our fate and destiny in life

so our days will be sunny and bright
if ever we will part...

'anything goes challenge'

A Collaboration write by: Mikri & Crossedrifles
Graphics and midi by: Mikri

By XRifles

© 2009 XRifles (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: Anything Goes - AG (challenge has been closed)

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