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Look at the beauty
Through my eyes
Tell me what you see

Do you see rainbows
Of colour to excite
Can you smell the flowers

Can you feel the love
Inside me that is full
Of compassion for others

Can you see I write
These words from my heart
So that humanity can understand

That we were all born
Into this life
Towalk hand in hand

Can you hear the footsteps
That inspire me to write
The divinity that gives me light

If you look into my eyes closer
You will see my precious friends
That the hand of god guides me.

Each and every beautiful day
Telling me what to write
He gives me a message from above.

So I can relay to humanity
His message of everlasting love
Of peace beauty and treasure.

The love within you
The colours smells and sights
Given to you by the lord above
Walking beside you with divine light.

By listener

© 2009 listener (All rights reserved)


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