You are the window to my soul
You are my beautiful soulmate
Together in life we are destined to be
Together, becoming soulmates for all of eternity
We became soulmates many years ago
It is written in the stars that shine so bright
It is written upon the sands of time in the sea
That my beautiful soulmate, you were made for me
As we journey through life, we give strength to one another
You are the window to my very soul so warm and deep
Cherished, treasured and so deeply loved by me each day
Each day our love always flourishs and continues to always deeply grow
Touching hearts ever so soft and tender
Our love is timeless as the sea

Each time you hold me in your arms
Our hearts gently touch and entwine
Beating together as we merge
Becoming together just one
Gently touching,reaching out, reaching in
For in sickness and in health I will always be here for and with you
Together our hearts softly touch, playing a beautiful melody of love
My heartbeat beating so beautifully in harmony with yours
As my warm breath touches yours so soft and so lovingly
Come into my arms my darling soulmate as we merge together in the stars so bright
I love you

For the heavens brought us together
To share lifes joys and our life
Blessed always each day by the heavens high above
You are the window to my soul, you are my gentle heart beat
You are my best friend, my beautiful and loving soulmate
You are beautiful darling. I love you
Together soulmates for all of eternity

Written for Pick Your Theme challenge
Theme- Soulmates

By Starlight1

© 2009 Starlight1 (All rights reserved)


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