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My Memory Kindles on

My memory kindles on,
as I sit in the warmth
of summertime,
knowing freedom, no more.

My chair now my friend.
My strength, now its strength,
as it carries me along
the garden pathway...

What rich blessings came,
when I walked the
garden path.
The peace and Joy,
nothing could match.

Nobody knows the gaiety
and laughter the garden
brought to me so many
or the place where I went,
to shed a few tears...

Now my friend carries me
through the garden path.
No stopping to get out
and walk through the
the fields.

and come before God
once again, and kneel.

That day will come,
when in His presence
I will be forever,
and in reverence,
I will once again
kneel before
my King...

and in His garden
live forever...

Written 2009

By girlsisy

© 2017 girlsisy (All rights reserved)


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