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With that breath,
Something stirred within me!
A wave crashed....
Water sprayed across my face!
As my clothes were soaked with the icy spray,
I had fallen....
At last from my perch so high,
Like an eagle who glances to the ground,
Too afraid to fly!
No money mattered!
No other stirred my thoughts,
I breathed in the lifeblood that is you,
And within my heart surged your!
Your eyes caught mine, and reacted!
With a knowing glance for all that mattered,
Was that our life which stretched before us,
Filling nights of love, and the warmth of crackling fire...
The touch of our finger tips ignite the pyre!!!
Until in glorious triumph we...
Erupt in oneness!!!
United in love until the end of time!
Enclosed within my arms...
Your heart gently beating against chest,
As my lips find yours!
And then that moment broke, and you smiled...
And spoke to me for the first time,
And it was in that second that I knew...
It was all true!

By BramptonMC

© 2009 BramptonMC (All rights reserved)


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