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'A Woman'

The smiles I receive
the deeper breaths I breathe,
When your hands clasp mine
in these cherished moments in time

Not just your touch
but the look from your eyes,
Not just a glance
but what comes from inside,
Something so deep
so wonderful from within,
Your beauty, my love
so warm and open

Tasting your angel kisses while holding you near
feeling your body tremble while whispering in your ear,
Outside the body is bright
inside the fires burn,
And into the night
to the passion of our love we return

Some people go through life
and never find what I've found,
They can hear the music
but never touch the sound,
Something stirred within me
and I am lucky enough to feel you standing next to me,
An Angel From Heaven
God's Most Beautiful Creature
A Woman .

...for the challenge *Best Love Poem*...

By Passionaterider

© 2009 Passionaterider (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: Best Love Poem - Something stirred within me (challenge has been closed)

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