Once upon a mystical day
While through the Forest they did stray
We hid in the brush and watched in awe
While two magical white Unicorns jumped and played

With such awesome beauty so devine
We both knew it was a good sign
That Peace would rain all over the land
And as we watched you took my hand

Something stirred within me and sent shivers through my spine
Not to mention what it did to my mind
There was a new love born that day
We watched as those Unicorns frolicked and played

With snow white beauty beyond compare
Horns so straight way up in the air
They drank of spring water all that day
We did too as we splashed and played

Then on the soft grass in the Forest we did discover
That our hearts and our bodies
Were made for each other
The Unicorns played long into the night

And then they just vanished with Dawns early light
For the things we discovered that magical sweet night
Will live within us always in our minds
Because they say Unicorns are not really seen

But the love that we found in the Forest so green
Will live in our hearts for eternity
And who's to say that Unicorns don't still frolic
In a mystical magical fantasy dream?

Written For Best Love Poem Challenge~'Something Stirred Within Me'~~08/14/09~~


© 2009 MARGARET L. SCHOOLCRAFT GRAY (All rights reserved)


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