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oriental butterfly

So many times in life we face
The ultimate in the saddest of goodbyes
Somehow we cannot let go
Search to God as to knowing why

Some lives blend as one
Suddenly one leaves and then
What are you to try to do
Trying to go on without them

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I found a time in life that I
Found myself caught in this web
Trying hard, crying to Father-All
How can I go on..just me instead

I found the answer as I sat in church
After losing my son that I loved so
Had not been able to write the words
I had found no way to just let go

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God showed me the way that night
As he sent words to be penned
'Love and Wings' was born and given wings
Helping me to try to live again

So many lessons learned as you go
Your mind fights them saying NO!
Yet they are roads that you must travel
Before you don't have to let go

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God never said that all was final
When he so gently takes us home
As we go through the misty veil
Knowing now we never have to roam

It is the same for those left behind
This blessed soul is not lost to you
For love can be love everlasting
The forever blending of you two

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One day we shall follow them
Into the mist of the unknown
To find them waiting there patiently
Once again to never be alone

Tis then that we join hands
Bask in the love that was meant to be
I'm sure that you will find this too
I hope this blesses you as it did me...

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Finally we have found wings of courage
Knowing that life goes on beyond
Our loved one waits there patiently
Love is everlasting, thank you God, ne'er gone


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God's Little Whispers
@August 2009

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'wings of courage'

Dedicated to: Blind Poet (Dory); Cherrykc. Doc Dyr and all
the souls who have experienced loss or to those who have
it to carry in the future...praying for 'wings of courage'.
My forever love I send to you

By Mary Anne

© 2009 Mary Anne (All rights reserved)


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