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With Love from Camelot

By window light the Lady waits
and gazes o'er the vale
The scene is set in days of Kingdom's reign
Her eyes are searching for the steed
that carries one she loves
Whilst tears are falling down like lover's rain...

The Lady's hand is not her own
Her destiny is fixed
A Kingly sum was paid her sire at birth
For in the days of Camelot
When power ruled the land
A Lady measured gold against her worth...

Her duty known and understood
she grew within it's cage
From child to woman, pure of heart and mind
The one to whom her hand belonged
was counting to the hour
and relishing the thoughts of what he'd find...

For he was known throughout the land
as spawned of evil's lust
More ancient than the local gentry knew
The maiden that was promised would provide
him with the heirs
His power, once again, unmatched by few...

Within her soul, the Lady knew her life
was not as seen
Her destiny was waiting past the gates
But no one knew that through the years
her heart she'd given to
a valiant Knight, one chosen by her fates...

She'd never been alone with him
and only once he'd spoke
His voice proclaimed allegiance to her care
His gaze told all that words could not
His kiss embraced her hand
Her smile told him that love was waiting there...

Alas, but time was running out
Her freedom at an end
Within the morrow, banns would be exchanged
Too soon the Lady would become enslaved
and forced to live
Within the castle walls, as thus arranged...

These thoughts of hopeless dread o'ertook her
by the window's light
She almost didn't hear the drumming beat
Of stallion hooves
or quiet whispers from beloved lips
As through the window, hers they reached to meet...

He drew her safely to him
carried her to waiting steed
Then like the wind they rode for distant shores
And as I walk these meadows I can almost feel them near
Sending love from Camelot

By SunnyH

© 2009 SunnyH (All rights reserved)


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