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On Wings Of Courage
The tiny face in the picture
A smile of pure sunshine
Never a glimpse of torture
How can it's heart not pine

Given wings of courage it will survive

A young lad full of fun and energy
Punished for laughing too loud
Locked in a closet so sternly
He questions why they are not proud

His mind takes flight on his wings of courage

A pretty young lady with the love for dance
He wanted her to dance with him
Hoping to steal away a chance
Hurting her deep inside turned her ray dim

Strength will come to her on wings of courage

A lovely bride she was proud to be
Then she found his words were shaded
Nothing she did was good enough you see
Her lovely smile so quickly faded

Reaching out she caught her wings of courage

Hard working with a love for live
A blink of the eye discoveries were made
Mortality existed bringing her much strive
A visit to love and faith she paid

With prayer she is given wings of courage

Watching the beauty of a butterfly before her
Such fragile wings so delicate and gentle
Bringing such calm in live to adore
It's short life so full of glow as it touches each petal

Giving wings of courage as it softly flies by

By Viking Butterfly

© 2009 Viking Butterfly (All rights reserved)


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