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In Younger years
These years my thoughts of food were careless
We ate what we had, what we could afford.
Sunday Breakfast was my favorite.
Biscuits, sausage, bacon and gravy.
Dad made them, gravy left to Mom.
Hamburger Helper
Mac N' Cheese
Beans N' Ham
Potato Soup
We were fed, we had food.
Never starved, never addicted
But surely as my ancestors genes predicted,
the body does change, I was first in my class to grow.
No model looks for me, curves stuck to me.
In my teen years diets were a definite.
Every girl in the teen magazines, waif thin.
I Thank my Mom for not pushing them on us.
But Grandmother dear, I remember at times tried to 'help' us, my sister and me.
Never stayed long on those diets.
'The chunky one' my sister felt she was
their comments burning in to her mind.
Never seeing the beauty within herself,
they made sure to keep it out of her mind.
Comments made during visits
Just opinions right?
They do no harm....
Convinced by others she was never good enough.
My mother struggled to reverse the damage their words caused.
To this day I wonder..
If my grandmother and aunt had accepted the child
The sweet little cherub that lingers still in pictures
What would have been?
Food for thought I say.
To this day our weight haunts us so.
She has come far
Her choice to eat healthier beats mine by far.
Finding the treasure within her soul,
finally reaching her own goals.
Loosing weight, the battle wages on.
Grandmother? I forgive her
She taught me much more
for me the diets were a small thing
She and my mother taught me to soar.
Chew on this, gorge of you may
The beauty within brings to mind
in the end our souls depart to heaven on our dying day
Our bodies remain behind, in the end, food after all.

By Fairiemoon73

© 2009 Fairiemoon73 (All rights reserved)


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