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Flowers to make you smile,
on snow-like kinda day.
Flowers to give you hope,
the moment you start
to pray...

Flowers I send your way,
because you mean so
much to me, but even
more to the one that
made you, He's waiting
to take your hand.

So hold His hand
and hold on to hope,
nothing stays around
too long...

The flowers are here
for a season,
then gently hide away.

So let them put a smile
on your face, and taste
the grace that God
gives you...

Another season will
come your way,
and the flowers too,
will come back to play.

Erase all your cares,
with the Lord you
can bare,
anything that comes
your way...

Remember tomorrows
a brand new day...

Written by Janet Ford

By girlsisy

© 2009 girlsisy (All rights reserved)


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