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The End
Tense as I drive,
my knuckles clench the steering wheel,
not knowing what lays ahead.
I have not seen her in months,
not visited her home in over a year.
Her addictions fractured our friendship,
one I held so dear.
My heart split in two
She was my friend,
in my heart I felt she I knew.
Pain brought to bear thoughts my mind knew to be true.
She betrayed those who loved her like family
for a short fix, maybe a few.
In those moments doubts seeped in.
If she could do that, what more had she in store?
The months have gone by,
truth now out.
She, the puppet-master,
the puppets ran out.
The debt I owe, great in my mind.
I would not be me if she as my friend never had I found.
Our futures before us,
those we thought we know change,
likes pebbles in a stream worn down by time.
I pray in this meeting I get my say.
Alas, her blank stare greets me,
soul shut in this shell.
The drugs in her system,
the docs prescribed remedy.
Sadly no one home,
Just the body of the woman I once knew.
A hour spent with her,
the moments of conversation few.
My heart cries out to her,
weeps for the potential lost.
Her future once bright,
oh, how she has paid the cost.
Wings of courage I need to turn away from this sight
Wings of courage she needs to see through her blight.
I pray for us both,
for sadly I can no longer give.
My life she toyed with,
nearly sucking from me every last breath of my joy, hope and faith.
No more have I left to give.
The tears fall as I drive away.
Wings of courage led me here today.
Saying Goodbye to an old friend.
Wishing her bright future she may find in the end.

By Fairiemoon73

© 2009 Fairiemoon73 (All rights reserved)


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