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Before you the white and empty page
It yearns for the message only you can give
Listen to it's call
'Write upon me'
Take this chance
Whilst the eyes of the world gaze upon you
The mind devouring, pulsating thoughts
Poet, write your message
Stain this pure papyrus page
Leave your signature upon it's grain
Again, the call resounds within your head
'Write upon me'
You can not resist
For this is your nature
The curse of the poet
A hand of inspiration
You are one of the chosen few
Write of blood and tears
Write poet
Write before it's too late
The words fade
And the message escapes
For we all know too well
It comes, it calls, but it won't wait
How many times have you lost your words?
You heard, you knew, but it never returned
You learned, you listened, you remembered
Until before you sits the written page
Containing the message only you can give
Whilst other's hear the call
'Write upon me'
Whilst the eyes of the world await to see
Poet, will you speak
Will you answer?
For this is thy call
In this unrehearsed relay
This race against time
Poet, hold out your hand
For I offer the baton to you


© 2009 DANTE (All rights reserved)


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