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Long Black Train

*Save yourself a penny for the ferryman
Save yourself…just let them suffer*

Mid the past scribbles of midnight
Arose that mourning keening sound
From the profiteers of misery
On the ghost train …headed down

To the banks of that old river
That they call the river Stizk
Where the ferryman is waiting
To fulfill the devils wish

Hear those politicians crying
All their earthly treasures lost
From their own brilliant beginnings
They had risen… now they’re dust

There they ride with thieves and robbers
Painted ladies of the night
Old drug pushers…child abusers
They’ll meet Satan…their earned right

On that train that’s bound for nowhere
Going to pay the devils due
They will burn in hell for ever
For the damages they do

For they took the poor man’s money
Robbed the rich man of his soul
Killed the baby in the cradle
Sought to execute the old

They sold hunger…bartered slavery
Tuned the good to desperate need
For a man will serve the devil
If he’s got a babe to feed

In my heart there is no mercy
As it cries” Sing Sinner Sing”
That old devils waiting for you
And the evil things you bring

You have burned up all the sunlight
In an hour and a day
Now you’ll dance and turn forever
When the devil makes you pay

We above will long remember
And think twice before we do
Evil to the world around us
So we won’t be joining you

On that black train headed nowhere
With the devil at the wheel
For we’ve no wish to be feeling
All the fear you now must feel

* opening couplet from the song Planet Hell by Nightwish*

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