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>Dell's Sig Cell

Sometimes life can be so cruel
Comments are made and they hurt us all
When you are big that's totally wrong
You should look slim just like models in books

Being born the way we are is the God intended us to be
The way we percieve ourselves is what is put in our heads
People can be cruel by the things they say
If only they would look in the mirror at themselves

God created us from love that's really all that matters
Forget the spitefull things that are said
These people really are so shallow
Perhaps it's they who are the troubled one's

Believe in who and what you are
Be kind to those around you
Pemember beauty is only skin deep
What you achieve in life is what really matters....

Written by Diane
26th August 2009

By White Diamond

© 2009 White Diamond (All rights reserved)


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