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I walked out this morning with a begging
I walked out this morning with a begging bowl

I walked out this morning with a begging bowl
I walked all the way to your home
I saw your sneering smile of pity
felt an arrow turn the sword on sanity.......

Where too was I going?

Yet this is real
It is happening to me

I watch
I wonder
I question
Why I have let go the reigns?
Why I care less?
Of what you
Or any one thinks?

I must have walked back
For am I not, right now sitting
In my home?
My sanctuary?
your memory my shield
To wield a solution
To every problem

That life threw
For time is a great healer
It numbs you.......

I am just a possibility thinker
I leave no stone unturned
I see you jeer
I see your shortsightedness
I say I am committed

You may change
You may distance yourself clear away
But I will have my begging bowl ready
To catch the handful of affection
That you shall unknowing spare
Quite unaware
In your busy stride
How much it means........

How thirsty I thirst.........
For you to change your mind
To feel the gentle feel of deep love
That staggers for want of your extended arm

By malinikadir

© 2009 malinikadir (All rights reserved)


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