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Beginning on the 13th day
I fell in love in 13 ways
13 times I'd took a chance
Would I ever find my true romance?

I searched behind the 13th door
Believing I couldn't do this any more
What if fate decide's your not the one
My 13th chance
Come and gone

Thirteen minutes
Thirteen Years
Thirteen weeks
Thirteen tears

Love for me the elusive fountain
Resides within superstition mountain
My luck never started
And yet ran dry
In 13 tears
13 why's
13 minutes the time drew near
13 times I'd waited here
13 words I'd planned to say
In 13 versions
13 ways

Hello, how are you
At last we meet
13 angels guide my feet

But what if you say your not the one
I'd be the 13th sad and lonely one
13 scars, how deep they'd cut
13 butterflies in my gut

You appeared in 13 dreams
13 stitches, 13 seams
13 years years so far away
Since this awkward heart behaved this way

13 tears stopped 13 fears
In 13 minutes of 13 years

On the 13th day
13th of never
This love would fail
13 severed

Not for us the 13th curse
13 moments, 13 hurts
Lucky 13 our perfect date
13th smile
On the perfect face

Dragon Le Rouge~ Host~


© 2009 DANTE (All rights reserved)


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