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In the sunshine
I saw her smiling face,
Her beauty mesmerising
We kissed in a loving embrace.

She was the glory and the sun
My life my everything, the fun,
The love the happiness, the joy
Our hearts and souls were as one.

She had skin as soft as silk
Eyes as blue as the beautiful ocean,
Seductive sexy she was a real cool chick
We flowed like a river in perfect motion.

A river of love in harmony and elation
I felt such happiness within my heart,
The passion the sheer joy of life
To love such an angel from the start.

But alas my broken heart screams
I am now in the depths of despair,
Please help me for I know not what to do
She has sinned this really isn't fair.

With the Vicar of all people, is she deranged?
She said he gave her something she couldn't resist,
I'm broken hearted I just cannot believe this.
He gave her some Holy wine and got her P....d.

I will not except this I will talk to the Bishop
How can she love an old crony like him?
As he awoke from the sofa his wife stood in the doorway
And said the Vicar is here darling shall I invite him in? LOL

By listener

© 2009 listener (All rights reserved)


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