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9 1 1
It was more than a number for an emergency...

It was way past that and beyond~

It was an inclement catastrophy of horrific magnitude~

The Day The Towers Went Down;


So surreal was the picture...

Of the super jets in a perfect blue sky~

Flying through each Tower (in sheer disbelief)-

Alas, mere minutes apart, they did fly;


All of the turmoil in the Towers and upon the streets...

Fear passed all of its adrenalin around~

The very brave Firefighters and others in the buildings~

Trying to rescue before the buildings came toppling down;


And when the toppling really began...

Mushrooms clouds formed upon Manhattan streets~

Terror wreaking havoc simply everywhere~

Citizens running in the smoke-- in the ash-- in the heat;


Televsision newscasters played and replayed it...

As if in utter and sheer disbelief~

Only to learn later about The Pentagon and Pennsylvania~

All of New York sought refuge--- and relief!


Oh that horrendous nightmare day~

Too many lives were lost...

Remembering all now- in bowed reverence...

Praying for America's Freedom--but at what cost?

September 11, 2009

The eighth anniversary of :

The Most Horrific Attack upon American Soil

Before that...It was The Oklahoma Bombing

By a home grown terrorist

Dedicated to: All who lived and died that day-
And to their family and friends
May the world find peace at last
And let not their deaths be in vain.

By Theodora Onken

© 2018 Theodora Onken (All rights reserved)


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