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Get well soon sis

Sis Dorothy I know tonight you are still not feeling good
I would make you feel better if I could
Oh don't mind Winnie he is making up some apple pies
Sure smells so sweet and yummy when it begins to rise
He brought a heating pad to warm up your toes to
He is singing with his pals to say get well to you

Winnie the Pooh sure loves to bake and cook
Just recently he bought himself a new cook book
Shortbread cookies is his favourite cookie to bake
Says to cheer you up since you are sick it is shortbread cookies and scones he will make
The kettle is on ready to brew you a warm cup of hot tea
Hope you are feeling better soon from Winnie, Myself and Just little me (Mary)

Rest up my kind friend Dorothy and soon I hope you will feel better
With the cooler weather, be sure to put on a warm sweater
You are in my thoughts and prayers also to
Get well soon Winnie says that the kettle is brewing for you
He brought his good china and plenty to eat
Rest up sis and I am sure you will be back up on your feet
Hope to cheer you up since I know you are not feeling well and feeling blue
From Winnie, Mary, and me get well wishes from all of us to you
The tea will be ready soon

Hope you feel better soon sis

By Starlight1

© 2009 Starlight1 (All rights reserved)


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