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The leaves have fallen...

The leaves have fallen off my tree; did they fall off one by one
Was it a sign; I sadly missed; and what happened to my sun?
The leaves now brown and dry; lay withered on the ground
While my tree now stands bewildered; no answers to be found

The sky may be getting clearer; the air a soft caress;
But the leaves have fallen off my tree; my garden is a mess
I see each branch stretching out; they reach both high and low
But the birds no longer rest there; perhaps they already know

The light which kept the leaves in place is hidden by the shade
And my tree which once stood tall and proud; is shaken and afraid
The leaves; I guess; were like a shield against the wind and rain
But the leaves have fallen off my tree; will it ever bloom again?

I watched the highest branch stretch up to knock on Heavens Gate
Praying God would have the answer; and it wouldn't be too late
Do you think God will listen; will he understand my plea?
He's the only one who knows why; the leaves have fallen off my tree.

Martina Boyce.

By Wee Badgen

© 2010 Wee Badgen (All rights reserved)


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