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Cardboard Annie

i feel the chill run through my body
is it from cold or the dread of what's to come
i must find shelter at least for tonight
i can't find any cardboard
how careless of me to leave mine unattended
i had a home once
with a big inviting kitchen
no one invites me in anymore
i'm just a dirty annoyance that won't go away
my legs are growing heavy
i pushed my cart and walked all day
not a single word from strangers passing by
i won't count the man that spat at me
i had a car once oh how i loved my sunday rides
god i'm tired let me sit on this bench for awhile
a car is slowing maybe they'll give me some change
not again....please not again
hey granny want a drink
i'm realy getting good at ducking beer bottles
where are my children
their visits seemed to dwindle with my money
i was good to them gave them all i had
now i have nothing to give i have no family
but there's gertie i met her behind the dumpster
we shared a crust of bread we both grabbed for
gertie had a few blankets and put me up for the night
i go see gertie once in awhile when i can scrape
a few nickles together for bus fare
i told gertie not to take that cough syrup
she felt so bad she just didn't care
gertie will serve four months of her six month sentence
on the bright side...she'll have a warm winter
well it's almost dark i better go find that shelter
it was nice talking to someone even if it's just in my head
they call me cardboard annie

By maryfrances

© 2017 maryfrances (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: - Series 5 Challenge (challenge has been closed)

This Poem is part of a Challenge: - Series 5 Challenge (challenge has been closed)

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