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For The Love Of It,
For the love of it
Don't get hit
Abuse don't go through
Don't let anyone hurt you
Don't live that kind of life
Don't become an abused wife
Love is not a push and a shove
A hit in the head a fist in your face is not love
Don't believe his lies
Don't hide the tears in your eyes
For the love of it
Don't get hit
If it is true love for you
Abuse he won't put you through
Don't say it is ok
And think you have to change things his way
If it is true love then work together
Don't live in abuse for ever
For the love of it
Don't get hit.

(A challenge write for (Catch The Soaring Star-
(For The Love Of It ')
Moderator=Sirens=Song-Host- Bonnie(Tiny Teddy.)

By Just little me

© 2009 Just little me (All rights reserved)


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