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My Thoughts Flow

Huddled on the ocean-washed sand,
I yearn to breathe the fresh air,
to cleanse my mind,
of thoughts that branch in and out
like the tide...

A heavy load I've been dragging along,
because of dreams that were lost.
The sand coarse and cold, like
trampling on stone.

My heart bleeds, without my lover's cry,
forsaken, with rippling lies,
pulling at my heart strings.
Sand castles turning to mud,
then ending up as a puddle,

of lifeless blood.

Under the eternal sky I sleep,
submerged with the tide.
In and out of consciousness I descend,
wanting your arms around me,
a threshold of contentment.

My thoughts flowing like the tide,
forsaken, in your eyes,
as there were no good-byes.

Written by Janet Ford

Waterfall [Piano Instrumental] – Enya Music Code

By girlsisy

© 2018 girlsisy (All rights reserved)


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