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~ One And Ten Blackbirds ~

One in ten blackbirds cackling...

As they stand as sentinals most brisk~

Outside of the armored Castle...

Pecking out vagrants of risk;


' Tis all in due time' crows The Raven~

'For we shall dance inside its midst'...

'The hallowed halls once virginal to a fault'

'Shall be tainted by my most toxic kiss';


'No need to draw your sabers-Blackbirds~

'The sharp blade 'tis for: 'Blood Lusts Aspire''

'Tis but a double-edged sword in plain view'

'Pillaging and ravaging: 'Tis our most eternal desire';


Sharpened talons reach out to halt the gathering of the bounty~

And prevent the Raven's Pirates already most full plate...

But egregious and heinous evils-thusly exposed-clearly...

The proud sentinals praise Destinys eventual fate;


For their karma, indeed, has come full circle...

Sneaking up behind the hypocrites blind backs~

Ah, multiple secret societies are: The True Hero's~

As they shine added light* unto the nights deepest of black...

...And into the Light: All that has been hidden 'shall be' made clear...

September 23, 2009

By Theodora Onken

© 2018 Theodora Onken (All rights reserved)


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