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'The change in me'

As I sit here thinking, my eyes filled with tears,
I wonder where time has gone.
I chose to fight the real world,
but reality has won.

I try to find some happy memories,
buried deep within my mind.
But I can't find a single one,
for as a child, I was left behind!

Those abusive memories as a child,
they linger in my soul.
They cling to the walls of my mind,
refusing to let go.

I have wasted many dreams,
and have had many sleepless nights.
If I could go back and change my past,
I would turn my wrongs to rights!

But there is one who will forgive me,
for all the things that I have done!
He's the one that I bow down to,
He is God's own precious son!

He gave his life for all of us,
and washed our sins away.
And I will praise and worship him,
each and every day!

I want to thank you, Lord Jesus..
you have given me peace within.
You have given me back my life,
and washed away my sins.

You have showered me with love,
for all the world to see.
You have dried up all my tears,
you have set me free.

I now live each day for you, my Lord,
You are my master and my best friend!
My heart & soul belong to you...
I love you, Lord..... Amen!

By Silkee

© 2009 Silkee (All rights reserved)


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