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In the eyes of Alzheimer’s Disease

When I looked into your eyes
alone in silent shadows

Frozen with you in a perpetual dream
No thought, no visions, nor past to grasp
vain attempts you try to understand

You know not my name or this place
No smile, no hope do you emanate

Alone in the quite of your day
No slight of hand can change your fate
Little by little your mind is erased

Neither time, or hands can longer hold
The keys to your memories

I wish you could leave this disease
A prison robbing you of your dignity

Deep within my heart does cry
As the sunlight has gazed over your lonely eyes
Leaving you with a shell of who you use to be
How hard it must be for your family

In the moment of this time
I see the beauty in your gentle eyes
When you stare back at me
Your silence says many things

I'll hold your trembling hands
I will care for you, I understand


Who is that next to me
You sit where I use to be

In a place of dark and faded memories
Now you share in my perpetual dream

I am still here, I am not dead
I try to understand

Will you come hold my trembling hands
Alzheimer's when will it end

Dedicated to all the residents
at the VA home which I have grown fond of

Pick your theme: Alzheimer's Disease
Hostess: Mistymaiden Norma

By gentlewind

© 2009 gentlewind (All rights reserved)


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