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afraid of the jade
you open your eyes and see the shimmer of the skies
tomorrow you'll climb to heaven
or at least you're gonna try
shoot for the sky
keep wide open eye
but will the E ticket ride
continue till you die
the world is big just look around
theres lots of things to do
but can you do most everything
before your life is through
cant be bored my friends assured
so we went at hellbent pace
now stand around the finish line
for the end of the race
flowers all blossom at their own speed
dont drink too much soak too much light
succum to the greed
life has its own pace and its good to keep on track
cause the innocence of youth
is something noone can get back
want to peek around the corner
to see up the next track
but you know that once you take a look
you never can go back
one way streets with no U-turns
dont worry you'll get used to it
as your stomach churns
pretty soon you'll toughen up
and shine it just like me
glassy eyes staring out
but you know they just dont see
too far can be. trust me. you'll see. just ask me.

By womanfromcanan

© 2009 womanfromcanan (All rights reserved)


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