Love Song of the Wind
Down from the hills past the trees and the brook
Seeking each brush filled cranny and nook
Church yards mossy green bones
In dusty peace alone

Every breath you breathed
Of me my love for thine
Though sad sighs the wind to the gray bleak sky
With me forseen to fly

Come old man worry no more
Put your foot outside your door
Every breath ere you breathed
of me my love for thee

Auld Lang Zyne bids thee well
The bad you shall fear no more
Lost in breaths of ageless lore
Where clarion waters roar

Icy trinkles tinkle and clink
crystal trinkets implore
Every breath ere you breathed
Of me sweet love I adore

We will see the dying leaves
Their every breath of me and thee
Come old man put your foot out your door
I am that ancient poet of yore

(Nature has always been the greatest poet,
while i live in a fool's paradise, writing
about how I think things ought to be
instead of how things really are.)

By Star Rover

© 2011 Star Rover (All rights reserved)


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