Last Letter Home

Many months he's been out here
Fighting enemy that cannot be seen
Loosing men in his platoon
Day after day after day

The lads are cheerful that's for sure
Inside they hurt so badly
Wishing they were safely home
In the arms of the loved ones left behind

Now and then peace will reign
Quietness will give them comfort
Then it all kicks of once again
He hears his comrades crying in the sand

Some have fallen by the wayside
Shot by cowards in darkened streets
He goes and gives them some instant comfort
For some it seems to late for them

This soldier sent to do his duty looks at the letter in his hand
Hoping it won't be the last he sends
Back home to a wife that waits for him
Sealing it down with one last kiss he handles it with love

Choking back the tears that well in his throat
He passes the letter to his best friend
Off he goes on another patrol taking his life in his hands
Never knowing if this will be the last letter home from this barren place full of sand....

Written by Diane
for the challenge
'crying in the'

By White Diamond

© 2009 White Diamond (All rights reserved)


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