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We are all members of the human race
All individuals… All colors... All races
We are bound to have some differences
In our thoughts…In our feelings… Our basic beliefs
Both the fundamentals and the philosophies we live by
The thoughts we keep secret. Truths we believe to be self evident
There are bound to be problems.

Talk can build a bridge
Right between your heart and mine
Don’t you think it’s time.?

Now there is a bad moon rising
Communications broken. Promises unkept
Lies told.. fingers pointed … tension in the air
Neighbour not trusting neighbour anymore
Walking in fear of the stranger in the street
There are wars and rumors of wars
Trouble lies around every corner , down every road
Fears mount… suspicions begin.. worries begin
Looks like no way out way forward

Thought can build a bridge
It really only takes a short time
Until a light flicks on!

There can be a way out of this mess.
Sit down and discuss things like rational men
Throw ideas on the table... Consider options.
Consult history for it repeats time after time
Stratigize like generals. Believe in sucess
Most times great minds think alike…so
Ask questions…ponder solutions
Conduct a meeting of the minds. Seek answers

For sane men can agree
Wisdom and logic will rule the day
Truth will always defeat lies!

Hold out open hands not clenched fists
Smile instead of frown.. Find the commonality
March in step. Look forward.
Pray to the deity of your own choosing
Dance and rejoice together under the same stars
Let the taste of peace be sweet upon the tongue
Freedom is a blue sky up above and a winding road ahead
Reconciliation is love for all your brothers.
Forgiveness for past deceptions and hope rising like a prayer
Building a unity bridge to a better tomorrow


Love can build a bridge
Between your heart and mine
Don’t you think it’s time?

I do.

Refrain influenced by
The Judds...Love can build a bridge

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By jollynoblefrog

© 2009 jollynoblefrog (All rights reserved)


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