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O’ I’ve been blessed in this, my life
With love and friends and laughter
They’ve seen me through some hard times
And I’ve had many a disaster

My fortune is the wealth of these
Such richness in my heart
This sweetest gift, my pain does ease
Thus friendship does its part

For every ache and every tear
I’ve never been alone
My friends have always been so near
Their warmth has always shone

Like warmth of sun on winter day
Does friendship come a-shining
To hold our heads up off the ground
To see life’s silver lining

I travel through my life each day
Assurance inside presiding
Though outer matters make me pray
That peace is always guiding

My footsteps on The Road of Light
That lead me to the Moon
From there, Eternity is on the right
It cannot come too soon

Whenever life gets hard to push
Like dreams where you can’t walk
Or people who don’t really listen
Every time you talk

Try taking distance from yourself
A very little breather
And pretty soon, why all that’s left
Is just what needs to be there

The Road of Light does beckon
This path will lead you true
It is something you can reckon on
Is always there for you

With every footstep, every mile
Your life it shall progress
Just being sure your thoughts are pure
Helps you avoid duress

But when you stumble, and you shall
Just get right up again
Momentum is the key to all
And leads you from all pain

I had a dream the other night
I saw you up ahead
I wondered why you would not speak
You only leaned your head

As if to say, “I’m waiting here
For when you reach the end
The Road of Light shall bring you home
We will be together then...”



By Moonchild

© 2009 Moonchild (All rights reserved)


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