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Carpe Diem
Come swiftly my gardener- for too soon, thy buds shall open...

But in a mere sigh- the blossoms shall fall...

For our World exists only- as does the shine of:

The 'Diamond Glistening' dew- upon it all;


Carpe Diem, my beloved...

Lifes brevity--its swift hand covers thy sod...

Taking away--all too soon, thy tenacious labour--

Of thy perfection of thine fragrant blooms--

Surely- 'A Gift From God';


For ne'er are we too weary...

To grow the beauty of this Earth--

For all of our God-Given talents...

Mother Earths fertile womb shall give birth;


Quickly now beloved, so as not to miss- this violet hue...

From moments to mere seconds: 'In Hour Glass Time'-

A Floral Eden shall blossom forth with new brillance--

Much sweeter than the bouquet of thy grapes most divine wine;


Thoughts of Spring and Summer and the gathering before the Fall.

And Of Mother Nature, Love, And The Higher Power That Created It All.

Come *'Seize The Day' is: Mother Natures Sweet Call.(*Carpe Diem)

Midi: Sleepwalk

October 15, 2009

By Theodora Onken

© 2018 Theodora Onken (All rights reserved)


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