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The Request
Slow it down, please slow it down...
...Our time here--it travels too fast--way too fast--
Where did it go--Oh, where did it go?
Is it locked in some time capsule (of our past)?


Youth could not wait to grow up--this is true...
Oh, to be carded at the clubs door, yes at the door--
To be 21--oh yes, to be 21...
That was our shallow aim-- in the long, long before;


It all came too swiftly as but in a Springtime breeze...
And continued ever rapidly as if up- up and away--
Our brillant Summers which at one time seemed ever so long--
Seemed to grow shorter and shorter with each passing day;


Slow it down, Oh Heavenly Father, slow it down...
The Fall has come leaving its 'Golden Touch' far behind--
Crinkled as the brittle fallen leaves-- we have become--
Time, it can be so very unkind, so unkind;


Slow it down Sweet Creator, please slow it down...
For the Winter, it has come knocking with its ice--
Frost and snow flurries mark its white noise--
Costing our bodies, minds and spirits an enormous price;


A price to pay, oh yes a price to pay...
Our Winter is all but consuming 'WE'
Slow it down, please slow it down Sweet Maker of Heaven--
We all know that we're not meant to live an eternity;


We are but mere mortals--mere mortals are 'WE'
So slow it down, please slow it down just a little please--
For we had many more things 'WE' wanted to do--
Could you give us some extra time before: 'Our Final Freeze?'

A Dedication: To Time Catching Up With Us.
Getting Older And The Sometimes Melancholy
Of It All.
With A Most Special Dedication To: John in Kenmore, Washington
Must Be Nice Being '21' Once Again... In September...Yes, i remember.

October, 2009

By Theodora Onken

© 2018 Theodora Onken (All rights reserved)


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