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Learning the Hard Way

Author's note... I am sure this has happened to
many people not just me. Where you think you have a friend...
Only to find out they stab you in the back when you turn to walk away~
I was wanting to write about this for awhile now ~ But could not get
inspired till today. So here it is... Learning the Hard way!

The day started off soft and warm
Sweet summer breeze blew kisses to
the gathering of the trees out back
The sky however was grey
the clouds moving in turned it
now into a smoky haze of darkened shadow

Big drops of rain soon fell splashing against
the windows ~ The wind lashing out bending
the trees and snapping the branches.
Amazing how things can change so quickly
without any kind of notice. Before you know
it a beautiful day can turn cloudy and grey

Such as life and human nature
Tempers ~greed and ill emotions
including everything in between can turn
a person you once thought as nice
into a whirlwind of destruction...
I learnt that the hard way...

People who say they are your friends
to your face... Then once you turn away
they are there twisting and turning
a knife into your back.
Yet to your face they say I am your friend
I would never do that.

Learning the hard way.

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By Velvet Mist

© 2009 Velvet Mist (All rights reserved)


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