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Behind every cloud I pass there is hope.
In every deep valley I go through there is hope.
Behind every cloud I pass is sunshine.
I know that in the deepest valley.
it will eventually shine.

Life is full of mountains and valleys.
Cities are full of streets and allies.
The world is full of violence and sin.
But with God, I have peace within.

From the clouds, He sends a rainbow.
He does this to let us know.
In this world,
we will have troubles and trials.
But with Him inside,
we can face any downward spiral.

Governments can`t give much hope for peace.
Doctors can`t give much hope for life.
God gives us hope of eternal life.

Soon this life on earth will end.
To a better, peaceful life, I recommend.
What we do with God`s Son will depend.

These are words that speak to my heart.
''Jesus loves you. Come and be a part.
God will forgive any sin if you ask Him to.
God,`s Son loves you. He`ll make you new.''

[ FOS ANYform Goes ]
behind every cloud I pass
Form: Free Rhyming Verse
Hostess: Jollynoblefrog (Ruby)

[ Follow the Dream ]
Words that speak
Hostess: Jollynoblefrog (Ruby)

By poetalthomas

© 2009 poetalthomas (All rights reserved)


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