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Lady Gwendolynn
(a letter, to Lady Gwendolynn, entrusted to Lady Anne)

Lady Anne,

As moonlight ascends amidst the night sky, my heart knoweth no rest...

...yea, tho my mind would embrace the solace which slumber canst bring, to no end shall my heart ease whilst beyond the comfort of my Lady's arms. Naught of their caress, of their touch, my heart pains in suffrage of this distance which now, us separates.

Longing, as were my meet, to chance upon a Lady, fair, and true, and soft and free. And behold...Lady Gwendolynn.

She and I, young and new, were as lovers. Sudden, hath Love chanced us upon to come, now us doth fate, chance upon to pass.

Heareth me now and keep safe thou always, though tasked am I in conducing War, to conquer men, their lands, their keep...the deeds I shall and hath dealt, cometh naught of mine own heart. Such as this, the deeds I purpose exist only that I am charged to effectuate victory.

Within my heart I knoweth few solemn truths. Among them, the call and comfort of 'home', a return to Lady Gwendolynn. Returning serves as reminder to my conscience, tho tasked am I in service to our Kingdom, mine own deeds in War are those of a man I seek to free myself from.

I now pray thee, Lady Anne, keep well my Lady Gwendolynn within the realms of the sweet of all which is held sacred, and guard safe her way, upon all grounds Holy, Divine, and Prosperous.

I travel further onward from home into lands no Man secureth safe passage before me. Places Men venture in, yet emerge naught. These lands, these places, strange to me, would resign me captive in embittered shadow and threaten now the sanctity and sodality of our commune.

I pray thee, Lady Anne, keep safe these words, in trust, for intended are they to soothe upon my Lady's ear, my final comfort to her, should I fall from the Divinity of His Protect...

My Lady Gwendolynn,

Days turn months, months become years, and to mine own heart, memories of thee and of our love, fast I've kept. Dreamed hath I, upon a return home to thee. Dreamed hath I to take thee as my bride, to keep safe thine own love, my promise, as my devoted one and true.

Knoweth, was ne'er a place or a day as beautiful as any, which I were found in the company of thee.

Mine own life's greatest experience hath been the Love we share. Mine own life's greatest dream is to heareth thou accept as Promised Bride, my proposal of wedded union. Mine own life's greatest joy, is to heareth thou call upon me, lovingly, as thine own King. Mine own life's Greatest Honor, is Our Lord entrusting thouest own heart, thouest love, and thouest own life unto me.

All my days passeth before me. Was ne'er a place I called 'home', save - one, true place within thine own heart.

Stay the memories of me now within the keep of thine own heart. Ever there shall I be. For ne'er matter, which where I were, thou will find me, as haveth always...holding fast my love for thee.

Lady Gwendolynn, My love to thee, Forever...

Your Love, Your Husband, Your King.

By 33smiles

© 2017 33smiles (All rights reserved)


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