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Sewing dreams and beauty

Embroidering my fate with velvet and some moonlight,
I hunt stars across the sea as the sun waves me goodbye.
Little by little I see perfection awakening my sleepy soul,
sewing dreams and beauty together, hemming my sigh.

As I wear life, I trace patterns of my future onto papers,
exploring new possibilities, recreating again who I am.
I know I have my own unique shape, I know I am singular.
Whenever I am in doubt, I remember I have to be a dame.

And a dame always knows when she is supposed to leave.
She withdraws in order to weave the voile threads again.
Quietly she waits for a starry night, she redefines her plans,
she stitches new horizons as she contemplates the rain.

When the cruel tempest is over, it is high time to store thread
and to cover buttons and snaps adding elegance to my sweet art.
So I construct a silk taffeta lotus flower and I embellish projects
as I combine delightful bright colors with my life and poetic heart.

Karla Bardanza

By Karla Bardanza

© 2009 Karla Bardanza (All rights reserved)


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