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Ashes of an Ancient Battle (Part two)
The smell of death dances on the wind.
A scent of rancid flesh and blood mix into the ashes.
Our war forges on without hesitation,
And we are the shadows of humans faded glory.
The smell of death runs wild,
And within our sanctuary we wait for the opportunity to strike.
The battle was won with dignity,
But the war will stop the uncontrollable blood lust.
The fallen are bait that the lycans take.
As fast as a blink of an eye but we are faster.
They deceive and fool these mortal men;
No! They are not your protectors.
The ancient battle forges but we will never surrender.
We will be glorified with this win.
The blood floods the ground;
A river of torn flesh melts into the past and future.
We won the battle,
And we will win this ancient war.

November 30, 2009

By Amara13

© 2017 Amara13 (All rights reserved)


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