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Thank you Mae for Remembering me
at Christmastime

Dear Mae, If only to God in Heaven I could tell you
why it is this movie and this poem and woman
and era in History is so meaningful to me.
We had been attending the same church for a long time.
And I konw you transferred to another church in Chatham County.
It is because the minister there is a better councellor than is our own Elder,
God Bless them both, Amen.
I suppose the story is , that behind every cloud i pass i see the brilliance of sunshine
the likes of which could be so very blinding as to not be able to be contained
Perhaps, Mae, I may hold aplace in History beside this great and illustrious woman
as she may hold one, in a way beside a Roman Emperor.
When Destiny Called, we rose seiftly and surely to the occasion.
It is all that which happened far before we got to konw each other better.
Mae, you are most special and beautiful and wonderful to me, and are the love of my life.
I kow to my absolute soul you will truly enjoy the present I have for you.
I purchased it today. I aint gonna tell a soul what it is.
It will be arriving soon. I know it.

Merry Christmas Mae.

Love always, Lewis

(Free Verse, For Mae)

By Le Dragon Rouge

© 2009 Le Dragon Rouge (All rights reserved)


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